Welcome to UAVNZ, the association for UAV professionals.

We are fortunate to be working in a sector that is the future of aviation. There are rapid advances in unmanned aviation, and it is possible to see the day looming when unmanned aviation is commonplace across the entire sector. Today, the predominant UAV task is aerial photography and UAV are rapidly capturing a majority stake in this market. However, the near-term future will see UAV branch out across other industry sectors and performing other tasks. The fundamental technology elements that will drive this are:

• Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operations
• UAV Mission Automation
• UAV Range, Endurance and Lift Capacity

When these factors become available at a market-competitive price point, with a level of capability that makes the task viable, it is inevitable that UAV will start to take market-share in those sectors. For this transition to occur smoothly it is essential that the UAV industry has a voice and influence in the sector. This is the role of UAVNZ – to be a collective voice that can help to steer the industry and regulatory environment in the direction that will develop a world-leading professional unmanned aviation industry for New Zealand.

So come along and join us as we work together to shape the future UAV industry. We would love to have your input, and are always looking for new ideas.

Yours in UAV, Fly Safe,


Andy Grant
Chair of UAVNZ


Incredible Images was recently one of the first companies in New Zealand to be granted ‘Part 102 certification’ by the CAA New Zealand for our high tech Drones (UAV’s). In a nutshell, this is effectively a “Commercial Drone Operators Licence” which gives us access to areas at heights and times that would not be possible to do lawfully without it. A big advantage if you need work done fast. Bruce is also an executive committee member of UAVNZ – a division of Aviation NZ.

Linda was born and raised in The Netherlands where she enjoyed a versatile career in IT and telecommunications, change management and team dynamics. New and disruptive technologies have been a common thread throughout her career.
In 2007 she moved to Australia, where in 2010 she and co-founder Rob Brouwer launched Aeronavics Ltd. Aeronavics develops and manufactures commercial drones for the global industrial markets. Early 2011 they moved the company to New Zealand, where they continued to innovate the industry.
Linda, representing Aeronavics, has been involved with many initiatives throughout the years to help form the drone industry we know today and has been on the board of UAVNZ since its inception in 2013.

Joining TPT Group after a 31 year career as a Warfare Officer in the Royal New Zealand Navy, Andy has a very wide range of diverse organisational experience.  He can draw on a broad range of experiences from many roles; including military security and aviation, and apply them to his role as the General Manager, Technology Development. Culminating his sea-going career as the Captain of the frigate HMNZS TE KAHA, Andy took his ship and team to many parts of the world and received a prestigious Sir Peter Blake Trust Leadership Award in 2007.
He is currently the Chair of UAVNZ, the industry body for Commercial UAV Operators.

Raised in New Zealand, Richard began his aviation career as a commercial helicopter pilot. He became a flight instructor, owned and operated a helicopter business in Tauranga before returning to the training environment as a deputy chief flying instructor at Helicopter Flight Training. In 2013 Richard moved to Australia and worked for a charter operator in Brisbane and started a RPAS operation.

Richard owns and operates three businesses operating RPAS; FLYUAV his Part 102 Inspection and Part 141 Authorised Training School, Airborne Operations which specialises in helping small organisations access Part 102 and RAWmedia which operates as a general media marketing company.

Richard operates in NZ, Australia and the wider pacific including consulting with regulators across the pacific.


Born and raised in New Zealand, John has a diverse career background beginning with Mechanical Engineering, then moving into HR, Management, before venturing into owning several companies from IT to Engineering. Now owning and operating a Photography Franchise within the Open2view.com team.
John was one of the early pioneers in the UAV field quickly developing a market for his own skills while helping others within the Open2view.com.
Open2view.com was an early adopter of the CAA Part 102 Certification process, has one of the largest body of pilots both in New Zealand and Australia operating UAV’s on a daily basis.
In his spare time, John can often be found around the motor racing tracks in New Zealand working on a variety of race cars as a race engineer.
John has been on the Executive Committee of UAVNZ since 2017

Chief Executive
Aviation New Zealand

John Nicholson was appointed Chief Executive of Aviation New Zealand in 2016, having worked for the organisation since 2008.

Before joining Aviation NZ, John gained considerable international experience with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and predecessor organisations.  From 2002 to 2006 he was Regional Manager Australia/Pacific based in Sydney, and from 1999 to 2001 was Regional Manager ASEAN based in Singapore.

From 1996 to 1998, John was General Manager Corporate Services and Communications and Board Secretary at Trade New Zealand.

He has considerable knowledge and understanding of New Zealand product and service capabilities across the whole economy.


Key Goals and Influence

Aviation NZ – the UAVNZ Chairman is on the council of this 290+ membership organisation which operates across the aviation industry.  Membership ranges from Air New Zealand down to small owner operated businesses.

Aviation Community Advisory Group (ACAG) – through the Aviation NZ CE we are represented on this high level group that advises CAA on priorities and industry issues.

New Southern Skies – through the UAVNZ Chairman, we participate in this group that is developing rules around future airspace use in New Zealand.

CAA RPAS Team – the UAVNZ Executive Committee has several touchpoints in CAA to influence Rule and AC development as well as new regulations around airworthiness.

Whole of Government approach to RPAS – the UAVNZ Executive Committee and Aviation NZ have several touchpoints with this group.

Media – UAVNZ and Aviation NZ have wide ranging media relationships.

Conferences, workshops and gatherings – for members and with Government agencies and companies.

Our purpose is to maximise the benefits from UAV technologies.