Professional Media

Sports Events

UAV technology at sports events is slow to evolve simply since proximity to sports people or fast moving cars poses a risk. However both Formula 1, the World Rally stage and countless marathon or surfing competitions now employ UAV’s to get the very best overhead shots. UAV technology now has a significant impact on the way live sporting events are consumed, providing both archive footage as well as live broadcasts. Drone racing has become and international sporting event on its own, with FPV footage shown on large screens in the racing venue and also broadcast live.


Stability of UAV craft with the use of gimbals is now similar to the traditional stability and control of traditional equipment and the UAV is far more flexible, allowing a wide range of video aspects.  Add in professional ground control station and the package and drone technology is already the go-to technology for high end of media production.


Documentary filming involves the need for the highest quality footage in some of the most demanding environments on earth. Drone technology allows documentary makers to get there faster and to get to the action safer than at any time before. Watch out for new and exciting documentaries that offer a bird’s-eye view like never before.

Real Estate

Showcasing property and real estate has changed significantly due to UAV operations. The advertising can now include a broader view of the surrounding area from a birds-eye perspective. Striking imagery and video is still the best ‘first impact” during a sale. Sales is all about first impressions and taking the pain of wasted visits away from the prospective buyers allows for a more targeted sales process and therefore a significant cost saving.