Asset Inspection

Oil and Gas Inspection

Oil and gas generation and distribution equipment is often situated in environmentally demanding conditions or generation plants are comprised of tall and difficult to access buildings. UAV Technology provides a safe platform for frequent and economical collection of data which can be used for sound decision making regarding the maintenance of a plant or of pipelines.


Power and Utilities Inspection

Routine inspection of high value assets in the Power and Utility industries for effective life-cycle asset management can be time consuming and expensive, particularly if disrupting asset operation. Drones can carry specialised photographic and video equipment allow for high quality and precise asset inspection, including temperature measurements of power distribution equipment without disrupting essential and on-going services.


Civil Infrastructure

Towers, bridges, railways, in fact any building and civil infrastructure requires regular inspection and maintenance. To assess the health of an asset can be a challenging task, time consuming and dangerous to personnel. The use of Aerial Robotics Technology can drastically reduce cost and risk of injury – our tailored inspection packages maximise this potential.