Mapping and Surveying

Professional Surveyors

Reach, visibility, access and the ease of gathering accurate data have caused professional surveyors to become quick adopters of UAV technology. Job times can be reduced drastically with simple and accurate recording of data and faster access compared to traditional surveying methods. Through existing contacts and a professional approach, surveying professionals are well positioned to provide aerial services and we often see our customers grow through the extension of their offerings.


Civil Works and Mining

For earthworks, quarries, roading companies, engineering firms and mines the use of aerial robotics technology can offer a unique opportunity to source accurate data and information on a much more regular basis and a lot quicker than with traditional methods. Volume calculations, digital terrain models, orthomosaics and more can easily be obtained and in a safe manner, reducing risk to personnel.


Precision Agriculture

Being based in New Zealand we have firm roots in farming. Precision agriculture practices are becoming more common, and more important too in order to produce sufficient food for our growing population whilst preserving the environment. Aerial Robotics Technology has various applications in the farming sector, farm mapping is one of them. With reliable and accurate farm maps available, utilising precision farming technology can be optimised. UAV technology can now be employed to generate accurate maps and terrain models at a much lower cost than traditional methods.