Search, Rescue and Medical

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Delivery of Medical Supplies 

In an island nation like New Zealand, Vanuatu and the greater pacific large pockets of the population are cut off from medical resources and medical supplies. Often road sea conditions make it impossible to deliver supplies to these outlying islands. With payloads often quite light, UAVs are an ideal transport platform to deliver these supplies to islands or otherwise hard to reach areas.



Drones have the ability to cover large area or ground and employ infra-red technology to quickly locate areas of interest and feed back situational information such as the best way to reach a location to a search team. UAV technology is now employed as the “first response” to most search scenarios.


While drone technology cannot yet be employed to evacuate victims, drones can be used to deliver vital life-saving equipment such as life-raft, medicine, communication equipment or location beacons to people in distress, increasing the chances of a successful rescue dramatically.