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Crop Spraying by UAV
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Cropping and Vineyards

Multispectral remote sensing provides radically new perspectives on the health and vigor of crops. It allows growers and agronomists to detect areas of stress in a crop and manage these issues immediately. It enables precise application of nutrient inputs and disease preventative actions based on the actual field conditions today. Data captured on a frequent basis enables growers and agronomists to map the health and vigor of crops today as well as observe changes in crop health over time. Add to that the ability to employ highly selective crop spraying delivered by drone and the chances of successful harvests and minimisation of crop losses increases significantly.


High Country Farmers

Using drones in reaching inaccessible areas either for crop or stock monitoring or to locate areas that need attention such as fencing or farm gates left open an such like cuts down commute time and reduces risk to the farmer. The drone has become a tool that any serious farmer cannot do without, especially if the land is rugged or steep or in areas that require large investment or time to reach remote areas.


There is a range of applications in which the forestry sector benefits from the use of UAV’s, from moniting growth to forest management, terrain mapping, damage assessment and fire management. To simply have an eye in the sky allows for an instant overview and remote areas can now be safely observed at a low cost. Heavy lifting craft allows a range of equipment to be dropped in hard to reach areas.