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UAV Monitoring New Zealand
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Public Services

The public sector has much to gain from Aerial Robotics Technology and there is a fast adoption to this technology. Fast and accurate situational awareness by police, informing fire brigades, guarding beaches by coast guards, borders control, monitoring natural disasters areas and biosecurity outbreaks or searching for lost people – in all these situations and countless more, a drone can quickly relay critical information allowing for fast and appropriate action, without risking human lives. Add a thermal camera to the ‘normal’ RGB camera and another world of benefits is revealed.



Keeping areas secure is all about knowing exactly what goes on and who is present – or not. It is about being informed and making appropriate decisions accordingly. An aerial view point, thermal and / or RGB (‘normal’ camera) is highly beneficial. It not only contributes to better informed decision making, it also keeps personnel safe in a high risk environment. UAV technology now as long-range capabilities which makes drones an essential tool for any well functioning security application. Automated timed patrols and patrols based on movement triggers can be used to persuade would be criminals to look for easier targets.



Used either for research or on-the-ground action in collecting information or delivering payloads to remote areas or to cover large tracts of ground or inaccessible areas quickly and safely. Multi-spectral and Hyper-spectral technology can be integrated into the units to obtain data never possible before.