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(From New Zealand Herald 27 March 2018)

The Ministry of Transport is looking at whether regulatory changes are necessary to better manage operators and prevent reckless drone usage.

The news follows calls for tougher rules for operators following a near-miss at Auckland Airport on the weekend, involving a flight with 278 people on board.

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Design and manufacture of Drone parts. We manufacture parts through our fast 3D printing service. Experience in design of UAV parts, from chassis to camera mounts.

Bring your challenging problems to us. We’re likely to find an elegant solution.

Stephan Knapp 0210377 657 [email protected]
16 Montressor Place Mellons Bay Auckland
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Since June 2010 Aeronavics manufactures commercial industrial RPAS aircraft – multirotors – and is one of the drone industry’s pioneers with an impressive history. Clients include NASA, BBC, Disney, Warner Brother and National Geographic and their new Navi was recently selected by the world’s largest mining company to integrate into the

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UAVNZ Executive Committee

Version 2.2, 22nd October 2015

As members of UAVNZ we are individually and collectively responsible for our conduct. As an emerging industry it is important we establish and maintain a reputation we can be proud of built on safe flying, professionalism and collaboration. This Code of Conduct does not attempt to detail all possib… Read the rest