Front Application

Sports Events

UAV technology at sports events is slow to evolve simply since proximity to sports people or fast moving cars poses a risk. However both Formula 1, the World Rally stage and countless marathon or surfing competitions now employ UAV’s to get the very best overhead shots. UAV technology now has a significant impact on the way live sporting

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Public Services

The public sector has much to gain from Aerial Robotics Technology and there is a fast adoption to this technology. Fast and accurate situational awareness by police, informing fire brigades, guarding beaches by coast guards, borders control, monitoring natural disasters areas and biosecurity outbreaks or searching for lost people – i

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Cropping and Vineyards

Multispectral remote sensing provides radically new perspectives on the health and vigor of crops. It allows growers and agronomists to detect areas of stress in a crop and manage these issues immediately. It enables precise application of nutrient inputs and disease preventative actions based on the actual field conditions tod

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Delivery of Medical Supplies 

In an island nation like New Zealand, Vanuatu and the greater pacific large pockets of the population are cut off from medical resources and medical supplies. Often road sea conditions make it impossible to deliver supplies to these outlying islands. With payloads often quite light, UAVs are an ideal transport platform to de… Read the rest

Professional Surveyors

Reach, visibility, access and the ease of gathering accurate data have caused professional surveyors to become quick adopters of UAV technology. Job times can be reduced drastically with simple and accurate recording of data and faster access compared to traditional surveying methods. Through existing contacts and a profess

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Oil and Gas Inspection

Oil and gas generation and distribution equipment is often situated in environmentally demanding conditions or generation plants are comprised of tall and difficult to access buildings. UAV Technology provides a safe platform for frequent and economical collection of data which can be used for sound decision making regarding th

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