Court decision reinforces importance of rules

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‘The importance of adhering to CAA Rules has been reinforced by the Christchurch District Court case finding a UAV operator breeched controlled airspace’, said Shaun Mitchell, Chair of industry organisation UAVNZ.

As an emerging industry, it is important that all operators of UAVs recognise the importance of safe flying. This means operating in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority Rules, taking personal responsibility for knowing what the Rules require, and complying with them.

UAV operators must also operate in accordance with Air Traffic Control requirements, including registering and logging flights in controlled airspace with airshare The UAVNZ industry association (a division of Aviation NZ) has been formed to maximise the benefits from UAV technologies and develop a world-class commercial UAV industry in New Zealand by:

Connecting: suppliers and customers, hosting forums and networking events.

Promoting: UAV companies and services, the benefits of UAV technology, and safe and professional operating practices.

Supporting: companies by providing templates and standards, engaging with the CAA and the wider aviation industry.

UAVNZ has already developed a code of conduct which all members must comply with. It also has Privacy Guidelines and a risk assessment template to help ensure members understand and operate in accordance with CAA Rules.

‘These initiatives through UAVNZ and the close relationship with Airways and the airshare website provide some good foundations for the safe growth of the industry’, said Mitchell.

UAVNZ has 74 members who are either Rule Part 102 certificated or aspire to this certification, training organisations, systems suppliers, research institutions and government organisations.