Aeronavics New Zealand

Since June 2010 Aeronavics manufactures commercial industrial RPAS aircraft – multirotors – and is one of the drone industry’s pioneers with an impressive history. Clients include NASA, BBC, Disney, Warner Brother and National Geographic and their new Navi was recently selected by the world’s largest mining company to integrate into their mining activities.
Aeronavics’ world-renowned SkyJib was the first system to obtain a license for commercial operation by the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States (for Hollywood filmmaking).
Aeronavics has recently launched its next generation (turn-key) aircraft, composed of three base models ranging in size and system capability, with several ‘plug and play’ payload modules for versatile multifunctional capabilities.
One of the key strategies for Aeronavics is the targeting of low-altitude Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) applications, such as network infrastructure inspection, autonomous security response, large-scale precision agriculture and automated mining operations.
Aeronavics has developed a long-term development roadmap to implement the required technical capabilities and has invested considerable time in bringing the

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