Flightworks was established in 2014 when advancing aerial drone technology made them useful as tools for our ecological projects at Natural Solutions (www.ecologist.nz). In 2015 we became one of the first companies to receive Part 102 certification that allowed us privileges to spray herbicides from drones and undertake other operations outside of the Part 101 rules.

Flightworks have been providing a range of aerial drone services to our clients, with many projects requiring our expertise to achieve ecological objectives that are not achievable by any other method. We have pioneered new methods with aerial drones that create value for clients and make a positive difference for our natural world.

Flightworks is an innovative provider of aerial drone services, including: mapping and 3d imaging, weed and vegetation analysis, precise aerial spraying in difficult places, aerial monitoring, and research projects. Please visit the website to see some of our projects.

  • Tauranga