UAVE Limited

UAVE Limited provide endurance long range drone sales and services.

The Prion Mk 3 UAV has been operational and UK CAA certified since 2008. In the UK the company has exceptions allowing them to release objects from the air and fly 20,000m BVLOS.
The platform is capable of flying 1000 km (or 14 hours) carrying a payload of up to 15kg on only 7 litres of petrol.

The Prion was originally used to conduct magnetic surveys in Norway but is now being used by the British Antarctic Survey, Aarhus University (for operations in Greenland) and the Indian Meteorological Department.

UAVE is looking to conduct LiDAR surveying, reconnaissance in fire and emergency situations/events, commercial and scientific surveying using payloads other UAVs can’t carry.

The Prion falls into the Part 102 category and offers cheaper running and maintenance costs over small manned aircraft, perfect for innovators and those looking to reduce operational costs.

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