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HELICAM PRO offers professional quality aerial photography & video. We are based in Christchurch but have can provide our services throughout the wider Canterbury region and all of New Zealand.

By using the latest UAV drone technology we are able to deliver to you an extremely high quality, professional service across all commercial sectors includi

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Flightworks was established in 2014 when advancing aerial drone technology made them useful as tools for our ecological projects at Natural Solutions ( In 2015 we became one of the first companies to receive Part 102 certification that allowed us privileges to undertake drone operations outside of the Part 101 rules. Most recently, w

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Established in 2001, Incredible Images quickly established itself as the “go to” Commercial real estate property photographers using 65ft telescopic poles and Helicopters. In 2015 we became CAA Part102 certified drone operators and have since flown over 6000 flights.

While still specialising in commercial properties, we also have spec

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Design and manufacture of Drone parts. We manufacture parts through our fast 3D printing service. Experience in design of UAV parts, from chassis to camera mounts.

Bring your challenging problems to us. We’re likely to find an elegant solution.

Stephan Knapp 0210377 657 [email protected]
16 Montressor Place Mellons Bay Auckland
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