UAVNZ Executive Committee

Version 2.2, 22nd October 2015

As members of UAVNZ we are individually and collectively responsible for our conduct. As an emerging industry it is important we establish and maintain a reputation we can be proud of, built on safe flying, professionalism and collaboration.

This Code of Conduct does not attempt to detail all possible behaviour. Instead it is a guiding document describing common standards of behaviour for all UAVNZ Members and Associate Members. By choosing to become a member of UAVNZ you are choosing to adhere to the behaviours and intent of this code. This Code expects members to demonstrate behaviour aligned with UAVNZ values.

UAVNZ Values

  • Safety –  maintaining the highest levels of safety, and regulatory compliance in the aviation system to build trust and confidence among all industry stakeholders and the general public.
  • Quality – New Zealand companies offering commercial UAV products and services build a reputation for professionalism, integrity, and reliability.
  • Sustainability – cost-effective value-add services which position the NZ industry to take full advantage of future market opportunities.
  • Collaboration – open dialogue, knowledge sharing, and cooperation to achieve shared goals for the commercial UAV industry in New Zealand.
  • Education – leading the national conversation about safe commercial operating practices, social and economic opportunities associated with UAV technology. Educating and fostering future generations of unmanned aviators.

Who does this Code apply to?

Every Member and Associate Member of UAVNZ. Refer the UAVNZ membership policy.

How do you know if your conduct complies with the Code?

If in doubt think about:

  • Would your behaviour be seen as appropriate by others?
  • Does your behaviour comply with the Code?
  • Is your behaviour lawful?
  • Is your behaviour fair and reasonable?

UAVNZ Code of Conduct

Safety – We practice safe flying. We recognise our responsibility to maintain and promote safe flying.

Civil Aviation Rules – We operate in accordance with Civil Aviation Rules. We take responsibility for maintaining our own knowledge on Civil Aviation Rules and complying with these.

UAVNZ Reputation – We act professionally and are accountable for our behaviour. We do not do anything that may bring UAVNZ into disrepute, including the way we behave towards each other, while flying, online or in social media. We respect and comply with all policies, rules, regulations and laws that govern any UAV activities, as well as UAVNZ and Aviation NZ policies.

Air Traffic Control – We operate in accordance with Air Traffic Control requirements, including registering and logging flights in controlled airspace via Airshare.

Privacy – We adhere to the Privacy Act 1993.

Property – We maintain a sensible and respectful approach to people and property and aim to mitigate risk.

Responsible – We are responsible for demonstrating UAVNZ values, respecting our customers and each other, and behaving in a manner consistent with this code.

When the Code is not followed

The Aviation NZ Council reserves the right to decline or cancel membership in accordance with the Constitution and Rules of Aviation Industry Association of New Zealand (Aviation NZ) and if a member breaches the UAVNZ code of conduct. The judgement of the UAVNZ Executive Committee will prevail in the interpretation of the UAVNZ Code of Conduct and UAVNZ values in a specific situation.